Sa Beining is fit to be a host

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,First of all, Miss Sa is really suitable for the host of "Exciting Offer". She has a lot of jokes and knows the law. Miss He is also good but too sentimental. There is sa Beining in a courtyard house in station B, he should be his faddest period of 11 years or so. He looks like a chubby man in his 40s, and he has a bad smile like an old man. There are no questions when talking and laughing. I love this video so much I've watched it 100 times. Later he lost weight, also fashionable, incredibly feel a bit absentminded, feel not like him! Sa Beining's popularity among CCTV hosts is one of the best, which proves a lot. Popularity is worthy of the first, central summer comfort wide right plus Li Sisi are playing but, the fire of Wang Bingbing than, too terrible. Sa teacher besides today view, still hosted other news kind of program, just now the center of gravity is put in literature and art kind.

  1998, arsonist, NZND, Beauty of the Golden Age. In fact, these let us know sa Beining more truly, but also let us know what a really excellent person is. Read so many years today, has been very fond of him, my mother hopes that my brother and sister and I old university of Political science and Law. In fact, A lot of CCTV hosts with this attribute, play much to go, but for various reasons or need to maintain their modesty, look at the previous internal Spring Festival gala they know. Finally, The North also line is from the black, which college students do not like a black their school. This section in STATION B, the contrast is Tsinghua's Li Jian, both of them through the holiday summer camp singing was admitted, Sa Beining this section is simply high-energy, joke intensive, almost not on the performance department are only talented.

 Sa Beining

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