Yang Yang's lines are clear and contain feelings

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Yang Yang's lines have been very good, clear words, contains feelings, but also according to the situation change voice line, it is said that a slight smile is Yang Yang's own dubbing, too look forward to have. Now unless with the old drama bone play, or play a movie, otherwise impossible to play a supporting role, from the popularity, rate, film pay and other aspects of consideration, even if he wants to play, investors will not let. But if you play a movie with big stars, do a supporting role, sharpen the acting is good. Only in this way, with microscopic and slow-motion analysis, and a lot of practice, can an actor's acting become perfect. Feel slightly this play, may be too high expectations at the beginning, after a bit disappointed.

  Some of the movements are slightly deliberate, embarrassing cancer. But I can't say that there is no acting, I think he has a comprehensive understanding of the role, so his understanding of Shawnai is deeper, he acted his own heart Shawnai, but not so good effect. Still have be, slightly really is reductive degree is too high, read twice of original work I, minute minute feeling is revealing plot. Then, it's a bit too much to say that the role is set so high energy, can blame Yang Yang? Besides, you got to be good at it. Yang Yang's photo is more than a photo! It is what he writes that makes me like him the most. He himself is not a teenager or a evil charm CEO. Instead, he is a very real person and his words are quite simple. He is still on the way to explore, he has not mastered the role in the play should be laughing and scolding, he is probably still thinking about the use of the expression of God Xiao, it seems wrong, it is this struggle, he seems to have a shell, should be his own, not the role of the shell.

 Yang Yang

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