Cecilia Cheung showed Quintu’s photo

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,In early morning on August 15th, Cecilia Cheung showed her son Quintu’s breakfast photo in the social networking site. Quintus used his hands directly to eat breakfast, And it seems to be his mother's cooking is very delicious. Quintus looks a little fatter than before, but he still looks so handsome. Cecilia Cheung also said in the social networking site: "good morning.I love your look when you eating things more and more. You are getting fat day by day. so mommy sent you a nickname called bowling. Thank you for your appreciation of my breakfast". Haha, this is not the love from mother but some complaints about son’s fatter shape. While netizens think Quintu is so cute, and we all know that children at Quintu’s age need large foods.

   After Quintu eating breakfast at home, Cecilia Cheung sent him to school personally, and then go home to sleep. Cecilia Cheung also said she very cherish the time accompany with her children. It’s Irreplaceable that communication with them. Yeah, the kids will grow up soon, so the company at this stage is one of the most beautiful and the most happy time. After this time the children will be more independent, and do not need to be taken cared of. But it also means that Quintu will be a man, all sufferings having their reward.After all, raising two children is not easy. When Lucas and Quintus were both small, Cecilia Cheung going out, she had to hold a kid and lead the other. Meawhile, much package hanged on her. Revealing that stars, Cecilia Cheung is also an ordinary mother,just like each one of our mothers.

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