Chris bid farewell to the US team

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Chris Evans announces that Avengers Alliance 4 has been killed, and the words between the lines seem to formally say goodbye to Captain America. Chris Evans, suspected of officially saying goodbye to Captain America, announced that "Avengers League 4" including the remake has been completely eliminated, and that the film should be his last captain of the United States, Evans'text was full of goodbye between the lines. In his tweets, he wrote, "complex 4" has been officially completed. This is a sentimental day. It is an honor to play this role in the past 8 years. To everyone at the stage, behind the scenes and at the auditorium: Thank you for your memories. Always grateful. " Chris Evans had a long history of quitting.Earlier this year, Evans told the New York Times that his contract with Man Wei really expired after the end of the remake of Series 4. Although the contract could be renewed, it was not a definite condition to judge whether the actor would quit, but combined with Evans.

   "You want to get off before you are pushed off the car." "I used to struggle to move forward, or to be as successful as someone else, but when you think you've got what you want, you suddenly realize your sorrow. This struggle will change you completely, so when you slow down, you feel it instead," Evans explains. After liberation, you finally understand that it's what you really need to do right now. In addition to "captain of the United States" Chris Evans, after "comeback 4," the "old generation" superhero actors like "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr., and "Thor" Chris Heimsworth and other overwhelming movie universe "old generation" superheroes are officially going to farewell to these characters. After Chris Evans's suspected farewell to Captain America, there's news for his next new film. He is known to have joined Daniel Craig in 007 and Ryan Johnson's new film The Ring Out of the Sheath, which has yet to be revealed. It is known that the film is a contemporary murder film.

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