Mei Ting is in the same frame as him

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,"Don't talk to strangers" is the shadow of how many people when they were children? At that time, Mei Ting and Feng Yuanzheng brought this excellent work together. Although people would be afraid to go out at night after watching it, they have to admit that the performance of these two people is too excellent. Mei Ting plays a woman who is raped by her family in this work. Feng Yuanzheng is the husband who raped him. How many scolds did Feng Yuanzheng get for this role? In fact, although Feng Yuanzheng is a villain in in his works, in real life, he is not as bad as the one on TV. Mei Ting and Feng Yuanzheng are also good friends in private. More than 20 years ago, they played this movie together Works, more than 20 years later, two people once again the same frame.

   Now, Meiting's career is developing very well, but Feng Yuanzheng's position in the entertainment industry is not as high as that of that time. Now, Meiting is in her 40s, and Feng Yuanzheng is also a person in her 50s. When they are in the same frame at the same time, they have a feeling of returning to 20 years ago. Although Feng Yuanzhong is not a good man in his works, he is a husband praised by many people in his life. For more than 20 years, Feng Yuanzheng has not made any news and is very considerate to his wife. Even when Mei Ting mentions Feng Yuanzheng, she thinks highly of him. But once again, when Feng Yuanzheng and Mei Ting were standing together, the feeling of fear came into being. I wonder if Feng Yuanzheng would be beaten when he went out at ordinary times?

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