Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Recently, Harvey Weinstein was involved in a new civil case of sexual harassment. While this time the plaintiff is a minor in the case. A Polish model accused Weinstein of forcing herself to touch his privacy when she was 16 years old. After being rejected, Weinstein not only taunted her, but also deliberately obstructed her career as revenge.The accuser, on condition of anonymity, told the court that Weinstein harassed her in her New York apartment in 2002, shortly after they met at a dinner hosted by a model agency. At that time, Weinstein promised the victim to take her to lunch and give her some career advice. As a result, she was taken to her apartment in SOHO and had sex with her "aggressive and threatening" demands. According to court documents.

   Weinstein urged the victim to undress and threatened that if she did not meet her requirements, she would never get the chance to be an actor. The plaintiff tried hard to hold back her tears and refused the defendant's request because she was a virgin at the time. When she promised to have lunch with Weinstein, she never thought she would fall into such a field. After being refused by the plaintiff, Weinstein still insisted that the plaintiff touch his privacy with his hands. In addition to bringing Weinstein to court, the model also sued the board of directors of Weinstein Company for indulging in Weinstein's misconduct. Weinstein's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said the allegation was ridiculous. Like previous case responses, Weinstein himself denied all charges of involuntary sexual acts. While, Weinstein was previously charged with first-degree rape and third-degree sexual offences. After paying a $10 million bail, he was sentenced to imprisonment at home and had to wear a wrist GPS positioner at all times.

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