Kaile variety is excavated

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,After the breakup of Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing, everyone turned to the girls who had been very close to Luo Zhixiang. After all, these people who made a lot of noise about this matter could not be unaffected. It should be Kaile to say that the one who is most affected is one person. It has to be said that after this incident, everyone turned their attention to Kaile. Although Luo Zhixiang has never acknowledged the incident between him and Kaile, it is difficult for everyone to guess what kind of relationship he has with Luo Zhixiang as the only female artist of Luo Zhixiang. And after this incident was exposed, we also continued to explore the interaction between Kaile and Luo Zhixiang. Even many netizens dug up Keller's father and asked when Luo Zhixiang would marry his daughter, which made many people guess that the relationship between the two people must be unusual.

   Although it's said that Luo Zhixiang's enthusiasm has decreased a lot, but we still haven't given up the things before we dug into Kaile and Luo Zhixiang. Even many people found that when Kailuo participated in the small s program, they said that he and Luo Zhixiang were just ordinary boss employee relations, but Luo Zhixiang gave Kaile a famous brand bag every year Bag. Even in this program, Keller also expressed his view of love, which was to ask the boys to take the initiative. At that time, the two hosts also made fun of Luo Zhixiang. But now, if we look at the jokes, is it likely to come true? Although we don't have enough evidence to prove the relationship between Luo Zhixiang and Kaile, as the only one named by Zhou Yangqing, it's hard for us to pay attention to it.

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