Guotao collapse

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,How many people began to like Guo Tao because of the TV play "parents' love". The book should also fantasize that Guo Tao should be the same husband as the works. When he was at home, he was very good to his wife, but the reality gave everyone a slap in the face. In Guo Tao's book, he wrote that he had done many things that were hard to understand. Even in these books, he wrote about the female stars. The timely expression is more obscure, but it still makes the readers feel uncomfortable. To say that these things are more obscure things, even those who have a little bit of emotional intelligence can't take these things to the surface, especially for celebrities like Guo Tao, who should have better management of their own language, but Guo Tao didn't do it.

   In Guo Tao's heart, he is still a more traditional man. He thinks that as long as his wife obeys the Chinese classics, all the things women need to do are enough. You don't need to have a strong career or character. You just need to do these things at home. After Guo Tao's book was discovered by everyone, many people started the attack mode of Guo Tao and expressed their dissatisfaction with Guo Tao. Many people turned over Guo Tao's interview. In the interview, Guo Tao said that he could marry his wife because of saving money and being immaterial. Although it is said that an immaterial woman would be liked by everyone, but It's Guo Tao's expression that makes people feel too much. This time Guo Tao is also considered to be the collapse of human society.

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