Who do you see in Yang Mi's trot?

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,I'm sure you all know something about Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun. The scandal between these two people has never stopped. Since last year, many people have paid attention to the interaction between them. Although we all know that Wei Da Xun likes Yang Mi all the time, there is not too much intersection between the two people. However, last year, someone photographed Wei Da Xun shopping with a tall and thin girl, which made us pay attention to the emotional dynamics between the two people. And some time ago, the two people were eating ice cream together, which made more people begin to guess whether Yang Mi and Wei Dachun have come together. Although it is said that these things make a stir, but Yang Mi has not given you an accurate reply, but this does not affect your speculation and eating melon.

   I don't know if you can remember the live broadcast of Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi several days ago. At that time, the live broadcast scene of these two people attracted a lot of people's attention. Both of them could say so. People bringing goods together really attracted a lot of people's attention. And after two people brought goods, there was a row of topics. However, on the night of two people's live broadcast, how many people knew where Yang Mi had gone? It is said that Yang Mi went back to the hotel to meet Wei Dachun after finishing work that day. Although it was said that the news had not been confirmed, someone photographed Yang Mi running all the way, leaving his assistant behind and happily returned to the hotel. It also makes us have to guess who we are going to see when we walk so fast?

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