The first anniversary of Dou Xiao's love

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,When it comes to Dou Xiao, I'm sure no one will not know him. Before he announced his love affair, his career was developing very well. But after the public love affair, Dou Xiao's career was developing smoothly. I don't know if it's because of falling in love that he seldom appears in front of everyone. But his girlfriend is also a great fortune as a gambling king. His love has attracted a lot of people's attention since it was made public. Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian have never been low-key since they started together, but they often show their love with you in a very high-key way. To say that the love between the two people, although there is no vigorous, but it is also very sweet. On the first anniversary of their love, Dou Xiao also published two people's photos in his microblog.

   This dog food is really a wave after wave. Two people are very sweet in the photos. Even Dou Xiao has sent out many photos of two people traveling. Who would have thought that Dou Xiao didn't eat the dog food in the movie and TV works, but the dog food after the love can not be eaten less. In fact, when the two of them started to announce their love affair, we were still not optimistic about it. Even many people thought that Dou Xiao was attracted to the identity of he ChaoLian and came together with him. After all, as a gambling king, Qian Jin fell in love with an entertainer in an entertainment circle, which would be doubted by everyone. However, this year, you will find that these two people are deeply involved in this relationship. He ChaoLian, a rich family, can also become a heartbreaking little woman. Now, everyone still wishes them more. I believe they will come to the end.

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