Chen Derong divorce real hammer

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,When it comes to Chen Derong, many people don't know him now, but Chen Derong is a goddess level figure in the eyes of many Post-70s. As a poor girl, Chen Derong also played many good works when she was young. At that time, people were very concerned about Chen's love and marriage. Even a lot of people said that Chen Derong was probably with Zhou Xingchi. Although it was only a Wulong incident in the end, people paid more attention to Chen Derong. However, Chen Derong With no fire for a long time, he slowly withdrew from everyone's sight. Even though his appearance and acting skills were very high in those years, those actors who were in the same period with him gradually became as enthusiastic as him, and no one wanted to film with him. Although it is said that Chen Derong didn't film later, Chen Derong married very well.

   In 2011, Chen Derong and his primary school classmates walked into the palace of marriage. Although they were classmates, their development direction was different. One was engaged in the film and television industry, the other was engaged in the real estate industry. Who would have thought that the lesbian school in that year had become his wife. After getting married, there was always news about Chen Derong's divorce. But when they were together, they were so sweet that many people couldn't believe it. They were really divorced. However, on the eve of his birthday, chenderong finally admitted the fact of his divorce. As early as last August, the two finally decided to separate, and chenderong also said that there were not so many misunderstandings between the two people, there was no scandal, there was no emergence of a third party, and there was no competition for property.

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