Song Dandan is retiring?

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,When it comes to Mr. Song Dandan, many people should be very familiar with Song Dandan's sketches, but the development of Song Dandan in recent years is not very good. The most frequent occasion for Song Dandan's appearance should be in variety shows. In recent years, Mr. Song Dandan has acted as a judge in many variety shows with her excellent acting skills and popularity, But in recent years, he has brought a lot less works. Now Song Dandan's experience is no longer as abundant as it used to be. Just a while ago, Song Dandan said he was going to retire when he acted in a drama. As soon as the news came out, it shocked many people. Like Xiaobian, many people thought that Mr. Song Dandan should be the most brilliant person on the stage. He would always give everyone happiness. However, who could have thought that Mr. Song Dandan chose to retire in this period.

   In fact, it's understandable that Mr. Song Dandan chose to quit. After all, the era of Song Dandan is finally over, and people's attention to him is no longer as high as before. Now, new comedians are out of poverty, and everyone is no longer addicted to the old funny mode of Song Dandan. And now Song Dandan is very old. His son Batu is very old, let alone Song Dandan himself. Now this period is the best time for Song Dandan to provide for the aged. It not only keeps the glory and popularity of the past, but also allows Song Dandan to have a good rest. Now for Song Dandan, the body is the most important thing. After all, Song Dandan in the past few years is too hard. I wonder if you will Miss Song Dandan's works?

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