People or real life, live their own good

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Huang lei believes that everyone is familiar with the old actor, but he still leaves a deep impression on everyone as the "good father" image. In recent years, Huang Lei receives the play less, feels the most recent is [small joy], he plays the role of a father, feels That Huang Lei has walked further and further on this road, speaks the good father laundry detergent, prepares food for the children every day. Yellow kitchen this title I think is not exaggerated, look at his micro blog know, all kinds of cuisine will, color, aroma, very beautiful, as for fragrance, Xiaobian I feel across the screen can smell. Huang also has an online store selling his own brand of food at reasonable prices. But suddenly one day, I saw a blogger accusing him of selling people and his people were "good dad", which made me feel hard to accept, as if everything before was false.

   Not long ago, during the Double Festival, Huang Lei cooked at home again. He had a simple bowl of green noodles, with the caption, "Even though I was in a mess during the holiday, my sister suddenly had to add more food, hanging noodles in chicken soup". His food always looked very attractive and enjoyable. This reminds me of what the blogger said, and I think conspiracy theories are not good. Why think of people in a bad way? Don't people have the right to pursue their lives? Small make up think in the entertainment industry is really to have a strong heart to deal with all kinds of gossip, I think a person or to be worthy of the heart, how do you do not need to rely on others' voice to judge, do their own good!

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