Who is right or not has its own decision, don't trample on is true

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,This is the third season of hip-hop] officially closed, the overall champion is not the French strong cloth, which let a large number of netizens have called a pity. As a matter of fact, a long time ago, I saw someone predict the championship on the Internet, saying that it would not be Bu Bu, because he was not Chinese. At that time, I just laughed it off, because this kind of variety show operation technique is not clear to us, just look happy. Did not expect to rub the heat so quickly to come, Originally I have no feeling for her, now the direct road turned black. This person is Zhang Meng. Yes, it's Zhang Meng, not Zhang Meng. It's Zhang Meng who took part in the storm. Because of some misunderstanding, she spoke up boldly before, and I thought she was quite brave. As a result, this wave of operation reduced my direct affection for her to negative points.

   The reason was that she had just posted a screenshot of a bet with Du Hua. In the picture, Du Hua of Lehua Entertainment gave Zhang 10,000 yuan, which was called "Bu Bu's money, willing to lose", in order to prove that hip-hop was not behind the scenes. This matter originally came up with the suspicion of ceng heat, after all, the strength of the world's hip-hop circle is famous, this is just a variety show, to tell the truth is not very professional, to talk about whether there is a black screen is too superficial and ridiculous, originally we have fun. Let small make up the most angry is actually I think Zhang Meng did not respect Bu, Bu is a professional dancer, you both take him as gambling money, zhang Meng is so proud afterwards, this is a very disrespectful behavior. I think her quality still needs to be improved, many things have their own rules, just need to do themselves, why talk about right and wrong?

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