I didn't think she was as beautiful as I remembered

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,With network drama fire rise more than Zhao Lu si one, small make up feel the most classic or with Xing Zhaolin have "four world love fate" Liang Jie. She is remembered by the net friend smoothly because of the piece small tan, she and the eight wangye that Xing Zhaolin plays between the kuangshi love that gets a lot of audience's love. Cast saw this kind of commercial value, so all the time tie them together, just play three of the "double Concubine", and finally came to a modern drama at the end. This is a rare movie and TV drama to meet the wishes of the fans of the series, I have to say that the after-sales service is good, I believe their CP fans should be greatly satisfied. So much so that Internet users now can't see them acting with anyone other than the other, there's always a sense of awkwardness. This is good or bad for their future development.

   But we chase the star or a little bit of sense, because the reality of Liang Jie has been engaged, fiance is Pu Ba Jia, the man to her is also very good. But a lot of people estimate still can't come out, that be a brother and sister to see. Actually Liang Jie is bigger than Xing Zhaolin so of a few years old, but cannot see completely on the exterior come out, Liang Jie still can be lovely love like a girl, want to know her to maintain really secret book. Xing Zhaolin also admitted that the kissing scene will not be embarrassed should be Liang Jie, they are too much, they get along with a special natural, just like the elder sister and brother. During the double Festival, Liang jie sent her wishes to her fans on her micro blog, revealing that her favorite mooncake was the five-kernel one. She also kindly asked her fans what flavor they like to eat. Little sister as always sweet ah, do you think?

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