Can you accept her

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Xiaobian I have always felt confused is why Chen He so fast white. I believe everyone is not strange to Chen He. Her popularity has soared thanks to her portrayal of Zeng Xiaoxian in several IPartment films. What still let a person envy especially at that time is that he has a long run 13 years of girl friend, at that time two people already got married, because zhang Zixuan's interposition however, perhaps also have the reason that Chen He and ex-wife character disaccord, they choose divorce, very soon Chen He also marries with Zhang Zixuan, give birth to two daughters one after another. There is still a lot of support for Chen He, it seems that he has forgotten the affair. There is not much point in talking about it now. Chen He has a new life and his ex-wife is living a life like traveling around the world. You can see that she is a person who pursues life and has freedom.

   In the case of infidelity, I think not only the man can't be forgiven, but also the woman can be blamed. The moral issue of destroying other people's families is not a joke. Zhang Zixuan recently posted a photo with her two daughters. In the photo, Zhang Zixuan's skin is in good condition and looks like a young girl, which makes it difficult to associate her with an image that destroys other people's families. After marrying Chen He, Zhang Zixuan also did not act again, but concentrate on when full-time wife, it seems to be far away from the entertainment circle. But the network is a memory, small make up see zi-xuan zhang in endorsements Vipshop when under a lot of netizens in the message "see you, I would want to go to buy clothes, not to go" "is to see your instant delimit", looks like the net friend to her before doing were clear remember, small make up still want to do things before asking whether to up their own conscience!

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