Great rewards go to those who confuse

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,I am really shocked, I don't know if you remember the wandering earth hero Qu Chuxiao's confused behavior? Was spotted him and a star to the marriage is the spirit of the temple and intimate behavior after the man immediately a rebuttal, said didn't fall in love, make friends don't miss a good marriage, let a person never imagined the wife is just said publicly that has just learned that was broke up, this a series of inversion really make net friend is very confused, now has a more confusing things. Two days ago xiaobian also see hot search said Li Wenhan easy purple was photographed car dong, because of two people are not familiar with a look, thought the entertainment industry to a couple show love, did not expect to have two days Li Wenhan micro blog said he is trying to good age, won't sorry fans, the point is that he said he is single! This immediately shocked netizens. When I saw it, I also ate a big melon, so I quickly changed the 2G network to 8G to surf.

   It turned out that Li Wenhan was the captain of UNINE, with tens of millions of fans, and what mother's fans were more than no good, he said he was single after being photographed, which undoubtedly drew a lot of abuse, but there are also a lot of support from fans. This suddenly gave me the whole, so forced to wash white really can not go down ah, Li Wenhan's first three girlfriends more said one after another weibo, a ha ha, a series of disgusting expression, point a song, what kind of man you are. Obviously, netizens do not buy Li Wenhan's account, have ordered the song for him, his fans also hope that their own love beans can not be harmed by the entertainment industry. I believe that we all have their own account, I think the star to their own good character to go further, or sooner or later to paste, and line and cherish it.

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