Blame the pot or the truth

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Poverty alleviation has always been a key issue in China. The goal by 2020 is to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and remarkable results have been achieved. Many variety shows are carried out around the current hot spots, and Hunan TV is the big brother of this industry. Before this, it launched a grass-roots anti-poverty variety show. Hunan TV has always controlled the guests and the process quite well, but it did not expect that the car was turned over these two days, and the spearhead is directed at shen Mengchen, the master host. In the video, the CEO of angrily accused the show of going down to the grassroots to help alleviate poverty, but the entertainer, Shen Mengchen, told villagers who asked for a photo to go away. The CEO also said he was blind to invest 10 million yuan in the show. Shen Mengchen herself also responded to a netizen, she thinks the truth will come to light one day, then look at the netizen's comments.

   As a lot of small make up think it suspects Shen Mengchen said to request group photo of villagers is unlikely to roll, set set is entertainment often do people, a star I want to also won't silly again made no secret of his in front of so many people, even if she abandon the villagers, I want to also won't say it out, Shen Mengchen I still like this girl, she once said that she was very dark, ajit is very surprised, because she is all very white, Shen Mengchen generous say each wipe the whitening ah, so outspoken small make up or admire. Xiaobian see some net friends comment neutral, direct at the program itself has a problem, I think we all have their own judgment, only hope that the black heart program can no longer appear in the public eye!

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