True temperament from the inside out

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Grandson couple the actress believe everybody knows, she has an enviable family, her husband deng chao caring family, a pair of lovely children, and so on, and flowers, she herself is the small make up I envy a woman, she is very beautiful, she is a successful actor, starring her Zhen Huan big bully frequently play screen, such as transfer of countless audience leave deep impression. She often posts tea and books on her micro blog. She also saves birds and paints pictures. It can be seen that her life is very comfortable and comfortable.

   Sun li has a sister, she affectionately called her as a girl, she is very good to this sister, take her to dance, for her wonderful performance in the play thumb up, I think her sister can achieve results in the actor on the road is inseparable from sun li's guidance and help. Sun li also on weibo post kindness, she say that girl will go to Beijing to learn acting, he hasn't learned, wish I could teach her sister later, she also recalled the time with sister when I was a child, sigh, time is too rapid, sister feelings for sun li also can feel from words, really hard to imagine, such sincere sisterly love in such a pair of sisters, half-brother on they can't really see any barriers. Sun Li said in the previous interview, her mother taught her is to like younger sister, more to see the father, sun Li mother such mind and tolerance, I think in the sun Li's performance is very in place, such temperament is really unable to pack out.

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