The friendship of entertainment circle, teacher he will interpret

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Entertainment circle of friendship just how fragile, believe that everyone has a different understanding of yourself, after all, in the entertainment circle, stars friendship but downs, and often were questioned by the people, have such a few people in the entertainment circle, however, was questioned their friendship no matter how many times, no matter how many times of the gossip is still not broken. Including zhang jie and ajit believe two people, for the news of the two people must know very much, and uproot shayna zhang jie's wife is very good relationship with any teacher, two people together, how the teacher's tolerance and high eq, he is not only a good friend of the couple, it is the good partner of work.

   Recently, a group of photos were posted, giving people a new understanding of the friendship between zhang jie and he jiong. Want to say how busy teacher he is, I believe we all know, whether it is hosting or film and television works, teacher he has not stopped in the development of the road, but after zhang jie performance, he still quietly came to the background, in the background ready to give zhang jie a big surprise. And zhang jie also changed his image this time, once upon a time the handsome hairstyle also into a dirty braid, see below how the teacher, he is also very surprise, very sincere hug together two people, many believe the friendship will be very envy, whether life or work there is, after all, a friend who can understand you, and sweet, who would not cherish? I don't know in life, there is a teacher like he has been coddling you?

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