Such a family I envy

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Zhou Yangqing presumably everyone not unfamiliar, some time ago because all show, estimates that even don't know Zhou Yangqing, show the fans should be known her, Zhou Yangqing hair a long long, can say jie show bottom, 10 years of feelings in this way to the dog, a lot of people are keen for her, show also responded to the incident, said is equal to indirect admits that show so many years of efforts to scrap all at once, several brand emergency withdrew and his cooperation, basic can't see his shadow now. But zhou yangqing itself is web celebrity origin, own independent brand, now the business is doing better and better, although xiaobian I can not appreciate the beauty of her clothes.

   Is Zhou Yangqing birthday two days ago, Zhou Yangqing first got laurinda ho ho, daughter's birthday wishes, laurinda ho to bask in the picture have Zhou Yangqing, laurinda ho and her boyfriend dou and the other a friend, then Zhou Yangqing again on the trumpet said her dad told people decorate a company to 12th day must be completed, because the day is the birthday of the daughter, really is not love show will show affection between father and daughter. As can be seen from the picture, Zhou Yangqing's father sent the villa is very large, decorated very luxurious, Zhou Yangqing also said that there is a star cinema at home, because her daughter likes stars very much, so her father specially created a dream place for her daughter. Small make up also learned that Zhou Yangqing's photos are also in many places, really is the poverty of my imagination, Zhou Yangqing's family, is estimated to open shops are hobbies, but worth learning is that Zhou Yangqing can do a lot of things colorful, amazing!

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