Liu Shishi sun Laba photos, this is to eat preservatives?

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,In the past, Liu Shishi quickly became famous for her role as "Nightshade". She has made many excellent films and TV works, and every role she plays is amazing. The most enviable thing about Liu Shishi is her marriage to Nicky Wu. Even though the difference between them is more than ten years old, it does not affect their love and they have the crystallization of love. However, liu Shishi has rarely appeared in public or shared anything about her life since the birth of her baby. However, on Jan 10, the laba Festival, she posted a series of rare photos on social media, which caused many netizens to lap up the screen. Did not expect to have given birth to a child liu Shishi, the image is still so delicate and beautiful, tied the ball head Liu Shishi, perfect his goose face exposed in a glance.

  Cecilia liu in the photo, dressed in a white round neck sweaters facial expression looks very cheerful mood, was that she was holding a bowl of laba rice porridge, against the background of beauty becomes more delicious, is called a showbiz temperamental goddess Cecilia liu, is so lively and lovely side, caused netizens to call "Cecilia liu, what are you eating the preservative?" . Have to say, nowadays Liu Shishi looks happy too full, maybe this is the appearance that is moistened by love! Enough to see in and Wu Qi Lung after marriage, she is worthy of the name was pet princess, after all for a woman, the best maintenance is the husband's pet. Now that the goddess is open for business, does it mean that there will be new works to meet with fans? Let's look forward to liu shishi's amazing performance in the entertainment industry.

 Liu shi shi

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