Is Lin Ruiyang a bad guy?

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,I'm sure no one doesn't know the story between Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang. Although both of them have quit the entertainment circle, they often show their love to you. However, many people don't know that Lin Ruiyang had a wife before he married Zhang Ting. Lin Ruiyang's ex-wife is also an actor in the entertainment circle. That's because of marriage. Li Ruiyang's ex-wife gave up her acting career. When Li Ruiyang married her ex-wife at the beginning, she was very excited. However, after the marriage, Lin Ruiyang has changed a lot, and the scandal has never stopped. At that time, it was because of too much frivolous news of Lin Ruiyang that the two people caused many contradictions and eventually led to divorce. However, Lin Ruiyang did not give up his wife, chase each other and come back.

   Just when we thought things would settle down, someone photographed Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting walking in Beijing, holding hands and pressing the road. However, Zhang Ting has always said that he has not been involved in the marriage of two people, but Lin Ruiyang's ex-wife's life for so many years is not very good. Even in the past so many years, he has no way to come out of the shadow. Even a while ago, he has publicly said in his microblog that Zhang Ting is involved in their marriage, even if he wants to sue her, he is also happy Welcome Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting to complain. I don't know how much pain this woman suffered. But it's already like this. I hope Lin Ruiyang's ex-wife can want to live her own life earlier. I don't know what people think of this matter?

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