Announcing your relationship while you're famous is a real coup!

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Remember when Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong announced their relationship on Weibo in 2017? I remember that when they announced their relationship, they wanted to go to weibo to find out what kind of girl would be good enough for a handsome male star like Lu Han. It was only later that they found that weibo had been shut down and they couldn't even find their names. But also can understand, as a flow back from South Korea's top male, Lu Han in fans' heart is a general the existence of a god, so it seems to his fans, whatever the female star is not worthy of their brother, natural announced in Lu Han relationship, frequently went to scold xiaotong guan, the microblog. Thinking about it, one has to admire Lu's courage. Who else could announce their relationship at such a time?

  Today, Lu has kept a low profile in the entertainment industry, but he has appeared on a number of variety shows, including Hahahahaha, and in his latest episode, he revealed a jaw-dropping statistic. Lu han's metabolic age is 18 years old, according to a fitness test conducted on the show's guests. Lu han is now 31 years old. If he married earlier, his children would be in primary school, but the system considers him to be only 18 years old. But even though Lu is 31 years old, he doesn't look any older than 30. This also is pardonable can turn guan Xiaotong early hand, the lu Han that every act and every step are handsome arrive explosion, let who not fall into the trap!

 Lu han

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