Xiao war was interviewed

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,Although the stars seem to be very glamorous in normal times, they also have a lot of dangers in their daily life, especially during the time when they are more popular. They often experience some that people can’t feel. fear. In the recent period, Xiao war has once again been noticed by everyone, but this time he was paid attention to everyone, not because of his good works, nor because he has any new cooperation, but because of him. I am harassed by my illegitimate meal. In a recent interview, he also mentioned this matter. This incident has caused some troubles for him. Although he expressed very calm, he still thinks that such behavior is very unsafe. I have to say that in recent years, everyone's behavior of chasing stars has become more and more crazy. Many fans have already had a great influence on their love.

   Xiao Zhan also said in this interview, but in fact, I still hope to meet with you in some public occasions. Because fans are so crazy, there will be many people who want to push forward, and he chooses to slip away at this time. It is also for everyone's safety considerations. Meeting on the public occasion can ensure everyone's safety. Let him and the fans have a better interaction, I believe everyone can understand the mood of Xiao Zhan. However, for such crazy behavior, even if you see how much you like, you still have to control yourself. Otherwise, this kind of behavior will only cause a certain degree of trouble to your own love beans. Safety is still very important. Everyone is seeing it. Is this the case when I love my beans?

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