A dark horse of the flim

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,The highly praised comedy film “Dying to Survive” has hit world’s screens, and screened on China’s over 500 cinemas. It based on a true story and directed by Wen Muye,the film follows a medicine merchant who finds a new understanding of life after a series adventures.The films stars actors Xu Zheng and Zhou Yiwei and is produced by Xu and well-known filmmaker Ning Hao.

   The reason why it reached a high standing is that it’s realistic and in-depth reflection on humanity and social issues.Xu said the script moved them a lot and Chinese cinema needs more original touching stories and our own heroes. In contemporary society,with the rapid development of science and technology , a large number of people are bored with stereotyped story people and are more particular about the flim,they need more thought-provoking film to satisfy their needs.It marks a big progress in Chinese cinema. The movie is easy to make us cry or laugh,but it’s difficult to let us cry and laugh.every actor performances well,and every small detail is noticed by director.It is not so colorful as other movies made by other countries.It has its reason being famous.

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