A new journey for Edward the Vampire

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   欧亿6娱乐最新报道,I don’t know if you have seen the creed recently released? Have British actors also have American actor in the film, it still has not been spared from American movies theme of saving the world, but for me this much love movies, creed feel injected with a desire for me, the movie let Nolan fan heart hard brush in China again in a sense, he directed the star cross, inception and batman is classic, likewise, doctrine also let two Neil actor in the movie star Robert pattinson again put a fire in the Chinese market, as they said couldn‘t resist Robert’s appearance level.

   There‘s a line in the credo that says we live in a world of chaos, which translates as we live in a twilight world, and it really brings tears of memory to my eyes as a twilight fan. Twilight is Robert’s famous work, Robert played in the movie a soulful vampire, Robert also met kristen Stewart, the collocation of men who we all like very much, what‘s more, this two people or official lovers, it’s a pity that they didn‘t go together, I only holding the manner which bemoans the fans looked at Robert’s acting skill is getting better and better, he is also handsome senior in harry potter, then don‘t know how many primary school the younger sister in heart yo. Robert in the creed composed and handsome, he is very mysterious from the first stage, he seems to know all things, finally a pendant shows his identity, he comes from the future, he is generous to die, to save men, save the world. Robert was shooting Batman 3, but unfortunately the new crown tested positive.

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